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I. Features:

1. Responsible for TUT’s various purchases and purchase request for various equipment relating to specific government subsidies.


2. Routine affairs:

(1) Responsible for relevant tenders and bid openings.

(2) Venue use and management.

(3) Management of advertisement in public space on the campus.

(4) Dispatching the official vehicle.

(5) Organizing and managing online applications from staffs and faculties for motor vehicle parking on campus and the registration of relevant data.

(6) Auditing and management of bicycles parked on campus.

(7) Operator services (answering and transferring incoming calls); management of phone services across the campus.

(8) Stationery and envelope requisition.

(9) Recycling of toner cartridges.

(10) Application for newspaper subscription on campus.

(11) Formulation of relevant contracts with campus vendors/operators of vending machine.

(12) Assisting staffs/faculties with the use of the information management system.

(13) Processing of applications for product exhibitions on campus.

(14) Assisting with the decoration of venues for large events on campus and preparation of lunch boxes/refreshments.


II. Goals:

1. To create an electronic purchase request system to achieve fully electronic operations over the campus network.

2. To offer and manage online application services for student motor vehicle parking and relevant data registration.


The Section anticipates the reservation for D1002, D1003, C303 and C501 to go fully online.

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