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PA service

Offers PA services for campus events during breaks.


Newspaper subscription

Processes newspaper subscription for various offices.


Telephone application

Processes application for local phone services and extension numbers for offices and instructors’ offices.


Application for motor vehicle parking

Processes applications for motor vehicle parking on campus.


Application for bicycle parking permit

Processes applications for bicycle parking on campus.


Item acquisition and write-off

Reviews item acquisition applications (by comparing the figures to current market prices) and ensures the submitted data for write-off is complete.


Application for official vehicle dispatch

Limited to official affairs pertaining to TUT.


Stationery and envelope requisition

Offers various stationery and envelopes for administrative uses.


Loan of display racks and signs

Available for various events held on campus.


Security guard and campus security management

Maintenance of campus security.


Application for the use of C303, C501, D1002 and D1003

1. C303 and C501 are intended for the hosting of various meetings and conferences for different units.

2. D1002 and D1003 are intended for the hosting of national academic seminars/speeches/symposiums organized by different units for more than 100 participants.

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